We love Nature:
In 10/10/10 we decided to run 21 kilometers in each province of Ecuador to raise awareness for the conservation of Yasuni National Park. When you come to the forest, your life changes forever. We fulfilled the dream of completing a challenge and our life changed forever. – see more…
What’s next:
2015 – 2016 CALENDAR (also, build your own trip in 2015-2016 and enjoy our city tours) Ocean to Andes High Performance – 3 to 9 days – September 19 2015,  Northern Sierra 2 to 6 days, September 26, 2015 – see more…

5 Featured Tours


While you are running in Ecuador, ask about the spa services in the hotels where we´ll stay. The cost of each route does not include spa services.

Natural Medicine

If you are interested in experimenting Natural medicine, contact us

Old Town & Museums

Quito offers many options for culture tours such as museums, colonial churches, sightseeing spots, and a lot more. 

Indian market

Otavalo Market is world famous for its colorful handcrafts, it’s a friendly place with prosperous and proud indigenous people. Northern Sierra Tour will take you there!

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Quito Running Tours
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Build your own trip
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Ocean to Andes high performance in Ecuador – 9 days
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Amazon running tour in Ecuador – 7 days
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Andes Northern Sierra running tour in Ecuador – 6 days
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Running in Ecuador will give you an unforgettable experience. You will have fun, get fit, and train while running Ecuador best and most friendly trails. We believe that experiencing nature while running, walking and contemplating it, frees the mind, and gives us a new perspective on life. Most of Run Ecuador daily running routes are from 10 to 20 kilometers. The elevation change depends on the tour and route. See it in tours/races. In the afternoon, the hiking trips vary. There is also a rest day and one or two rest afternoons in the 7 days of running in Ecuador adventure. The idea is that you enjoy the view, take your time for a picture and also run as fast as you like to. You should be able to cover the distance required each day fairly easily, at your own pace. Your best sports and travel option: running in Ecuador.