3 días y 35k en la playa y en el bosque

Into the tropical forest of Jama


New Year's Eve

Fuimos a Jama, Manabi con estrés por El Niño y sus pronosticados efectos. Por suerte, la carretera estaba bien y como nos dijeron los dueños del hotel, el único cambio que ibamos a encontrar era que el mar se había llevado parte de la arena seca de la orilla. El Niño va a llegar en enero, tal vez febrero, fue lo que nos dijeron.

The first morning we had to run in the highway, very early in the morning, to avoid the traffic and the heat. It was so hot! Even at 7am. We got to Camarones, a fine farm that has 6 o 7 beach bungalows. The entrance was beautiful, with huge tres and the cattle getting to the fields. 11k all the way from and to our hotel.

After a shower and breakfast, we rested in the beach with a beer and black olives. Swiming and walking to see the Punta Blanca’s rocks were the highlight of a very brillant day.

The next day we went to Bahia to run 15k with some friends that are training for Boston and Paris marathons. It was very hard cause of the heat, but fun. I am a vegetarian but George, our guest, had me try a bit of Canadian bacon with fried eggs… salty and delicious. Pan de yuca and coffee, and a variety of Ecuadorean fruits. Another day in the beach had started just perfectly!

Our last day in Jama was destined to visit the Lalo Loor Reserve. We jogged into the fresh woods for 2 hours and about 9k untill we heard the monkeys. We saw a big male that was mad probably because of our presence. So we observed him for a while and then left. It was the last day of 2015… our last ride of the year!

With a glass of wine, admiring a magnificent sunset, we could only think: what a beautiful world!




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