Agua Blanca Indigenous Community

Medical sulfur mud Agua Blanca Ecuador

Baby goat entangled and freed

The small community of Agua Blanca is the settlement of people who really treasure each other, their cultural heritage and their land. Situated near the fishing town of Puerto Lopez and surrounded by Machalilla National Park they are a well organized community that for a small fee per visitor, takes care of it. Some tourists visit their brightly colored church, small school and souvenirs’ stores.  The museum attracts many people as it keeps pieces of the Manteña community who lived in the area between 800 and 1532 AD. Others come to learn Spanish and to interact with the Agua Blanca´s families.

Our plan was to explore two of the many paths and tracks of the place, and to take a swim in the Laguna, which is fed by volcanic springs. There we covered our body with the sulfuric medical mud.

Up in the hills, we found giant green Seibo trees that stood out in the middle of the dry tropical forest. And for our surprise, in that isolated spot we heard a nearly born white goat calling. We found it entangled in the bushes. Poor thing! Santiago freed it and as we were going down the hill, the baby goat started to follow us. We knew that its mother was around so we waited for a while, then we heard the mother’s calling and the baby goat answered her and followed the sound. Then we could continue our 3 hours trek.

The visit was very interesting, recommended!


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