Beat the heat



Keep cool and safe during the sweltering season. Fuente:


Time it right: whenever posible, log your miles during the coolest part of the day –fr most runners, that´s early in themorning. However if you are Running for a midday or evening race, you´ll need to do some Running at the time of day you´ll be Racing to practice your fueling and warmup plans. Speedwork, tempo, and long runs should still be done when it´s coolest. Plan to do some short, easy runs at the time you´ll be racing.



Grill? Great: cooking outdoors allows you to prep a healthy meal without heating up your home. Kababs are an exceptionally grill-friendly dinner option. Thread your skewers with a protein source as well as produce for an easy, balanced meal. Try combining pork, peppadew peppers, and fennel; scallops, red pepper, avocado, and pinneaple; or halloumi cheese, cherry tomatoes, eggplant and onion.



Chill out: if you have a sore spot that´s inflamed, the best solution is to ice it –the cold helps reduce pain and swelling, and hey, it feels refreshing after logging steamy miles. For best results, ice immediately postrun for 15 al 20 minutos.



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