Every day is a trip

Salango Ecuador 2015

The Golden beach in Salango Ecuador

Salango running path


Delfin Magico Restaurant Salango

Boat to the Salango Island

Every day is like a trip: you embark, explore and feel happy.

You live the moment.

You chose where, when, how and with whom…

With Run Ecuador Ocean tour you experience many chances to run, hike and adventure. In Salango, the hills have small trails and one of those goes to the hidden Golden beach –we used to call it White Rocks beach. We ran for an hour and decided to cool us down in the sea. As it is a lonely beach, we took most of our clothes off and jumped into the waves. Later on we played freesby and had a cool splash in the natural jacuzzi formed by white and plain rocks.

The best restaurant in town is El Delfin Magico which offers specialities of seafood such as percebes, the aphrodisiac molusc which grows in profund waters, in the rocks of the cliffs. We went there and ate percebes and other delicious dishes. It was a nice evening.

The next day we took a boat and got to the Salango Island with snorkels. Ivo, the fisherman, took us there and after an hour watching the colorful fish and grey seastars, he ashored us into the small beach to relax, walk a bit and swim. It was an amazing two hour tour.

Every day is a trip!


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