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Exercise Forever: Exercise with discipline every day. Not 3 days a week, 7 days a week!

According to the book Younger Next Year (1) of Chris Howley and Henry Lodge, a 20-year-old athlete has the same body in its 50th birthday, if he or she has been in continued training.

The same body, vitality, health, looks! Perhaps with some rods and wrinkles. Then it is not like going downhill, his/her fitness goes in a straight line or even has an improvement in body/mind/spirit, until God calls.

He and she live without being a burden for themselves or family members. A warrior until the last day. As a Bengal tiger one day does not rise over and simply dies.

The question that needs to be done, says the book Younger Next Year, is: where did humans come from? Monkeys, and before, from the snail, the seaweed… We are animals, natural beings. Our ancestors went out to hunt each day to eat. We are made for walking, running, moving. Like it or not!

We are not made for watching television all afternoon, eating junk and soft drinks. Put the Bengal tiger to do that, it dies! Put him at the mall, he goes mad!

At some point we lost the north and cease to move. Then each cell received the message of: “it is cold, you have to hibernate” and get slow and do not renew. But the current human being does not take a winter rest period… stays there forever! It is a permanent sedentary. Then the cell receives the message: “aging, decrepitude…”

Move = youth

Be still = decrepitude

How to be younger next year?

ONE: Exercise with discipline every day. Not 3 days a week, 7 days a week!

TWO: Go to point ONE again. Take it seriously.


(1)   You can buy the book in: http://www.amazon.com/Joven-Cada-Younger-Next-Year/dp/8478083286



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