We will take care of you like a friend


How big will the groups be?

Groups are relatively small, from 6 to 12 participants.

What do we eat?

You will enjoy tasty snacks and then eat lunch and dinner sometimes at the hotel or at a local restaurant. We will go to local restaurants that serve a variety of dining options, including Ecuadorean cousine which is healthy and delicious. All meals are freshly prepared. You will always have fresh fruit and vegetables. If you have special diet requirements, we can accommodate with prior notice. Vegan and vegetarian meals will be available. Trail lunches will be provided in some routes, but with running, many of you may have specific items that you like for mid run snacks that we may not be able to provide. Please bring along those personal food choices.

What are the accommodations like?

We will be staying in comfortable lodging facilities. Some are 4 stars hotels, and some are charming lodges. After the runs you will have time to clean up and relax before we get to the next spot.

What if I’m traveling alone?

Perfect! By the end of the week you’ll have made new friends. As you know, runners are very cool and easy going dudes. And when running in a trail through beautiful places, it is the way to share a conversation and to have fun.

If you’re traveling alone and you’re willing to share a room on the lodge or the hotel, a single supplement won’t be charged. If you’d like your own room, single supplements are available. This is an extra charge over the quoted double room rate which is part of your tour fee. You will be booked into a double unless you indicate in advance your single preference. Please notify us of this preference as early as possible so we can make arrangements.

What to do in Ecuador after running?

Our tours are designed for you to enjoy not only the running routes, but the rest of the day. The hotels we have chosen offer many things to do, such is the case of Termas de Papallacta http://www.termaspapallacta.com/ with its hot springs, medicinal waters and Spá; or the town of Baños where you can hang out for hours, complementing outdoor-activities with excellent dining out. Read more: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/ecuador/central-highlands/banos

How hard will these tours be?

If you’re an active trail runner you shouldn’t have any problem with our tours. But, be sure you’re prepared for some serious trail running. The more prepared you are for a tour, the more fun you’ll have and the further you’ll be able to go. The trip will also be safer for both you and our other participants. You will benefit greatly from prior conditioning and experience.

High altitudes can produce acute mountain sickness (AMS) or “soroche”: Debilitating effects like diarrhea and vomiting, drownsiness, headache, insomnia, among other symptoms can ruin your trip. As Quito is located at 2800 mts (8000 feet) it’s better to be prepared and talk to your doctor before your departure. If you do develop altitude sickness, take dexamethasone. If you have a headache, take acetaminophen pills.

Some ways to accelerate the acclimatization process are: lots of fluid, no alcohol, coca leaves tea, eating starchy foods with carbohydrates, take it easy in the runs, listen to your body and inform the guides any weird symptoms you feel.

Weather challenges: Ecuador’s weather is not really extreme. Temperature varies from 6 °C (65°F) in the highlands through 38°C (90°F) in the coast and jungle.

Our tours may be a mix of advanced and intermediate levels. We’ll do our best to describe the trip so you can make an informed choice.  Contact us if you have any questions about a particular tour.

Do I have to run every day?

No. If you’re not up for a run one day, you may take the day off and enjoy a laid-back day or take a shorter run. Since we run in the early morning, you can stay at the hotel or you can ride in one of the support vehicles.

Also, you may bring along your non-running spouse or significant other. Tour participants that are not running that day, may ride along in the support vehicle, hike or go for a short run, or can relax at the hotel or town if it is the case.

How long are the trail runs each day?

Most of our daily running routes are from 10 to 20 kilometers. The elevation change depends on the tour and route. See it in (tours/races) In the afternoon, the hiking trips vary. There is also a rest day and a rest afternoon in the 7 days running adventure. The idea is that you enjoy the view, take your time for a picture and also run as fast as you like to. You should be able to cover the distance required each day fairly easily, at your own pace.


Do I need travel insurance?

We strongly recommend trip cancellation/trip interruption insurance. We honestly wouldn’t recommend this if it wasn’t a real benefit to you. For example, a quick quote from AIG Travelguard Insurance (quote made on 5/27/08) revealed a travel insurance package that provides basic coverage for trip cancellation, interruption and delayemergency medical treatment or evacuation, lost, stolen or damaged baggage or personal effects, baggage delay and emergency medical assistance priced at $37 (price subject to change based on date of travel, travel location, state of residency and trip cost) for one person.

In order to avoid disappointment and expense in the event that you have to cancel your trip, acquiring some type of travel insurance coverage would be a good idea.

Enjoy the journey!!

Do I sign a waiver?

Yes, all participants must sign a waiver or disclaimer. By signing this document you acknowledge and agree to the terms of your experience with Run Ecuador.


What’s included in the tour price?

All internal expenses and services are included in the tour price: from the time you get to the airport, until we bring you back, all transportation included in the tour, food preparation, meals, snacks, non-alcoholic beverages. Reservations and accommodations are included, along with tour leaders, guides, travel area maps, communication devices, water, first aid gear and vehicle support. You’ll be responsible for paying your own transportation, extra accomodation, and any other costs if you take up to other activities or tours aside from Run Ecuador tours.

You will also be responsible for your personal items and for paying any alcoholic beverages and spa services.

What if I cancel my trip?

If you need to cancel your tour reservations, our cancellation deadlines are as follows:

If cancelling 90+ days before tour departure: refund of what you have paid minus a $75 fee
If cancelling between 60 to 90 days before departure: refund of what you have paid minus a $150 fee
If cancelling between 30 and 59 days before departure: refund 50% of total trip fee
If cancelling between 15 and 29 days before departure: refund 10% of total trip fee
If cancelling 14 days or less prior to departure: no refund

We strongly recommend to take a trip cancellation/trip interruption insurance, which will cover your cost if you need to cancel or interrupt your tour.

Do I have to make a reservation and deposit?

Yes. When you decide on your Run Ecuador tour, go to our Registration page to register online. Also, to confirm your reservation, you will have to make a $500 credit card deposit through our secure Paypal site.

If you have any request, e-mail us, please.


Do I need trail running experience?

It depends on the tour. Extreme Coast Andes Latitude 0° route needs trail running experience of an intermediate level because it is designed as a high training tour. However, a seasoned runner will be able to complete each day’s run of the rest of the tours. The routes are designed to be adapted for any runner’s pace and desired distance.

We recommend that you practice trail running prior to the trip if you haven’t done so before. Having some experience running on terrain similar to what we’ll encounter on one of our tours will be very helpful and allow you to get even more enjoyment out of this trip!

What do I have to carry while I run?

From place to place we will carry all your personal gear. But while you run, you will have to carry your hydration belt or camel bag, your gels or blocks, a light rain coat. Our guides will carry additional water and safety items. You are responsible for enjoying yourself while running with a very light pack on a spectacular running trail and then relaxing when the run is done!

What kind of gear do I need to bring to the Run Ecuador tour?

Primarily, you’ll need some clothes, rain gear, broken in running shoes, a comfortable running pack. Once you sign up, we’ll send you a packing list detailing the clothing, gear, and toiletries to pack.  Be sure to pack carefully.  While we want to make sure you bring all of the items you might need, cargo space on planes and in our tours is limited.

What should I bring?


  • First Aid kit: mosquitoes repellent, antiseptic ointment, anti-inflammatory pills such as Ibuprofen,bandages like Compeed.
  • Running or trail running shoes
  • Running socks
  • Waterproof and lightweight windbreaker jacket
  • Hydration belt or camel back
  • Whistle
  • Cap
  • Small backpack
  • Polar or fleece
  • Vivisac or thermal blanket
  • Buff
  • Sunglasses
  • Carbohydrate gels or blocks
  • Non-disposable water bottle
  • Documents in sealed bag
  • GPS heart rate monitor (2 AAA batteries included)
  • Compression socks
  • Light gloves
  • Led head lamp



Are there support vehicles while we are running?

On some of our tours, you won’t have access to support vehicles during our runs due to the remote wilderness nature of the trails we’ll be traveling. However, where access is possible, support vehicles may be used and will provide opportunities for refreshments, first aid when needed, and a ride if you’re getting tired.