Run Ecuador how did we begin?

Running for the Yasuni



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We have explored the most scenic, diverse and safe trails for you to enjoy them.

How did we begin Run Ecuador?

In October 2010, we began to run 21 kilometers in routes of the 24 provinces of Ecuador for a cause: the protection of the Yasuni National Park. The first route of the 21x24Challenge was Imbabura: from Urcuqui to Salinas de Ibarra.

We were worried that no one would show up.  But 16 runners and 6 members from the crew participated, and we did the first 21k in about 2:15.

The roads were so beautiful, with cane crops and farms. Rivers, horses, and the view of the Cotacachi and Cayambe mountains. A pleasure. That day I felt so  excited so I said: “when in life would you have  the chance to run in a place like this, with a group of elite runners and friends?

Four years later I feel even more privileged. And now we begin Run Ecuador…


We will run this route again in September 06 to 11, 2014 in the Northern Sierra Route.

Are you ready?

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