Hiking and trailrunning at 3200 msnm


Hiking and trailrunning at 3200 metros de altura (10,560 ft) is possible if you live in Quito, con mayor audiencia en el mundo.

Its natural environment is composed by two main mountains: huge Pichincha which goes up to 4700 meters on its summit; and Ilalo (3200) the king of the Tumbaco valley. Quito is at an elevation of 2,850 metres (9,350 ft).

It takes a 30 minutes ride from the city to the entrance of Ilaló’s hiking route. Follow some signs which get you to Pachamama school.

Up there you can leave your car. It is a very steep road thought beautiful and safe.

If you go by bus, you will start walking from a soccer field.

After a hill of about 3km, fun starts. You will find a cloud forest zone with birds and insects, and views and vibrant colors. Then you get into an Eucaliptus forest.

At 5,5km you conquer the summit of the Ilalo mount. The view is 360°, really awsome.

If you want to walk/run a bit more, get down south and will find a very special forestthen an iron cross. Unless you want to walk down a lot more, return to the summit.

The descent is a lot more fun and in about one hour you can have a delicious breakfast at Rafa’s, right in the place you parked your car!





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