Hours of fun in the sun


Old year monigotes, Años viejos en Crucita


In Run Ecuador we always start with a plan. We cannot pass a day without some cool things to do: have dinner in the best place around, visit some indigenous community, volunteer in call to action events, and any new chance for adventure. And go for a run, of course.

In the town of San Clemente we ran for one hour from Playa Bikini into a Palo Santo tropical dry forest. It is a small hill where palo santo trees remain dry as well as the rest of the vegetation. However, when you observe it with full attention, you can find the blooming yellow flowers of the  Guayacanes trees;  green branches and many birds. The forest is alive!

After breakfast, we decided to pick up the plastic bottles, plastics of all types, old ropes, boxes and garbage that some irresponsible people have thrown in the beach. Then, we enjoyed hours of fun in the sun.

In new year’s eve many people in Ecuador creates a monigote called Año Viejo. It is a large dummy dressed in old clothes and a mask that represents the past year. In Crucita beach we found a whole group of Años Viejos representing fun in the sun!


The weather in Manabi is hot and humid from October to April. Temperature goes around 35 °C. From May to September it can get colder and windy, with a temperature of 22 to 25°C.


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