Physical training cannot be delegated

ARWC 2014 Gabriel Cadenas

El Cruce Columbia 2014

You have to be accountable for your health. “Physical training is something that you cannot delegate”, said Nelson Vásquez, Ironman and triathlon and trailrunning coach. If one is abandoned, our children will have to pay for doctors, hospitals, centers for old folks…

If one is abandoned, it is easy to become boring, depressive, and a pills and medical spending fanatic. And then our  children and grandchildren will have to be loaded with a boring Grandpa, maybe flown, wasting time and money.

Try to invest everything from your side to be an active dad or mom until the last day, one who teaches and continues working and making little or a lot for the economy of the home; being the head of the family.

“Everything that you practice, you multiply” – says Nelson.

Chris Howley and Henry Lodge say in his book Younger Next Year: get exercise 6 days a week. 7 if possible. Get a project called “live younger each year” and start with a spectacular “opening”:  take holidays and dedicate yourself to 6 or 7 days of varied but intense exercise. Go to another city or country and get a ride of physical training with friends and make them know which is your purpose. Make it big!

Then, return to your house and as if it was your job, go every day to do your exercise. WITHOUT EXCUSES. As your most important work because it is: your health and your life.

How to be younger next year?

ONE: Exercise with discipline every day. Not 3 days a week, 7 days a week!

TWO: First accomplish number one.

 Pictures: Gabriel Cadenas ARWC and El Cruce Columbia 2014


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