Route Cotopaxi 21k



Route Cotopaxi 21k


Cotopaxi 21k

Running: Zero impact on Nature

ROUTE COTOPAXI – CHALLENGE 21×24 for the Yasuni

4 years ago, on Sunday 3 April 2011 we ran the highest (3 500 to 3 800 mts) route of the Challenge 21×24. 45 athletes arrived at the Limpiopungo in about 2 hours 30 minutes, from the Park’s southern entrance. Among them, 10 were from Latacunga, others from Guayaquil, Esmeraldas, Santo Domingo, and most from Quito. There were also costumed runners of animals. The characters were: a bear, a squirrel, a condor and a tiger. The bear ran the 21 km barefooted, They run races as a pacific protest for the protection of nature.

Runners took part of the Challenge for its Cause and also for the passion of running.

“Despite the slopes I was happy to overcome the 10 km of ascent and receive as a prize, the wonder and silence of the Cotopaxi paramo.” Tachi Hernandez

Runners love nature


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