Running routes in Imbabura

Imbabura Ecuador


Imbabura is one of the provinces of Ecuador with many running routes, such as the Urcuqui Salinas 21k route.

What a beautiful dirt road through cane crops and farms. Rivers, horses, and the view of Cotacachi and Cayambe volcanoes.IMBABURA

The route was nearly flat, so it was a nice and pleasant jog.

When do you have a chance to run in such a place with a group of friends, all of them so relaxed? We felt privileged.



About Cotacachi: at the foot of the volcano of 4944 meters, which is usually covered by clouds, there are two icons: the lake Cuicocha and the town of Cotacachi. Here you can find leather clothing, jackets, shoes. The streets and squares are very cosy as well as its people.

Cuicocha Lake is a beautiful crater lake with two islands. There is a path which goes around the lake, good for running. Up there it is 3000 meters high with cold weather.

Cayambe volcano of 5970 meters, one of the highest of Ecuador. The city of Cayambe is very popular for its “bizcochos, dulce de leche, queso de hoja” (local biscuits, milky caramel and cheese) and for town holidays in June.

Imbabura is considered the province of the lakes. It is famous for the crafts fair of Otavalo and the diversity of its indigenous communities. And also for its incredible running routes.





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