Running the extreme tour

From July 20 to 27, 2014



This tour was so much fun, and also so hard. As tour leaders we had to travel from Quito to Guayaquil and that was a 6 hours road trip. But you guys, our guests, are going to travel probably many more hours by plane. Then, you are going to be as tired as your guides, in the first day. However, Guayaquil is a very friendly city, with plenty of oxygen for us runners to breath and recover.

After a good night in this boutique hotel, full of history –it reminds me to a grandmother’s house- and a gentle jog along the huge Guayas river, we will feel rested and with lots of energy.

Then we drove to the beach!

The question I asked myself was: why do we have to run again along that salty ocean, called Mar Bravo (Ungry Sea)? Well, because we are in the Ocean to Andes Extreme tour!! And we love to run there and watch the pics later on. Very wild and extreme!

Luckly, we had a cool day so we ran some nice 15k and at noon we ate lunch sitting down on the salty sand (the city of Salinas has its name because of its salt mines) and then again, we moved towards another beach: Ayampe.

Down there we had the Canta la Piedra 15k route (see the picture). We got into the tropical forest in a small trail along the river. Plenty of water, humidity, birds and peace.

Do you want to know more? Come to experience Run Ecuador’s routes. I am still amazed with the Ocean to Andes Extreme tour… and after the 9 days of traveling and a resting week, I am fully recovered.

The next tour is: Northern Sierra – 6 days – September 06 to 11, 2014