Stronger, leaner and faster

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Get fitter, run longer, and have more fun


Go efficient: Run farther and faster with less effort by training to boost your running economy. One way to do it is to simply run more: start by adding an extra short easy run to your weekly routine, or by adding 5 minutes to each of your normal runs. Another way is to train on hills –build some into your normal routes or do repeats. Strength–training with heavy weights also improves economy.


Start cooking: Restaurant dishes pack extra calories, sugar and sodium, so the more you eat out, the more likely you are to gain weight. Designate a time each week to search for appealing récipes and shop for the ingredients. If the kitchen intimidates you, sign up for a basic cooking class.


Stabilize: Research has found that strength-training reduces overuse injury risk by about 50 percent. Strong muscles absorb more of the force that occurs when your feet strike the ground, meaning less of it is able to damage your bones and joints. Even body-weight training will suffice-one-legged deadlifts, lateral lunges, side leg raises and hip raises, and bridges target hip muscles that keep your pelvis stable while running which is critical for injury prevention.





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