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Training in Lumbisi Ecuador

Running in Lumbisi Ecuador

Boost your endurance and strenght this summer


Reinvent your long run

Freshen up this training staple by changing your pace midrun. The faster running recruits fast-twitch muscle fibers and trains them to kick in even at slower paces. Add 30-second surges (at approximately tempo pace) with 2:00 easy running between them during the last few miles of your long run.


Time your protein

Eating protein at key moments during the day maximizes recovery and performance while also leaving you satiated. Include eggs or yougurt at breakfast; take in 25 al 30 grams after a hard workout; and have a protein-packed snack before bed to promote muscle repair and growth.


Work out

A strong body leads to strong miles – with lower risk of injury as a bonus. At least twice a week, spend 10 al 15 minutes working on balance, strenghth, and dynamic flexibility in key areas like hips, ankles, and feet.


Summer time means 5-Ks and 10-Ks are everywhere. Sharpen your speed and go for a PR with one of our training plans at

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