Our philosophy


Our travelers end up loving Ecuador as much as we do.


To have fun, get fit, train and run, while discovering Ecuador with friends worldwide. To live together a beautiful, unique and unforgettable experience.


• We love our country and we want our travelers to love it too.

• We believe that experiencing nature while running, walking and contemplating it, keeps us fit, frees the mind, and gives us a new perspective on life.

• We understand and appreciate the traits Ecuadorian people have: peaceful, hardworking and generous.

• We look for sustainability: we treasure our culture (Person), we protect the land and its natural resources (Planet), we charge fair rates (Financial Responsibility).


• Ambition of quality and good times: the privilege of living in a wonderful country compels us to seek the hidden treasure in each region, community and individual. Mediocrity is discarded. We just have today.

• Discipline: maximize the time and resources to our travelers satisfaction.

• Security: Professional security monitoring of the expedition equipment, transportation, tours, lodging, food.

• Ethics: all our actions are governed by honesty and transparency.

• Respect: consideration and care for the traveler, employees, communities we visit, and our land and natural resources.

• Integrated development: at the end of the expedition, the traveler and every one of us have increased our stamina and experienced mental and spiritual growth.