Your happiest time

Boston Marathon 2010

Boston Marathon 2010 Expo

When did you feel the happiest?

When you exercise, you have a productive work, there is harmony at home, you eat healthy: vegetables and fruit, when you meet friends, help someone or do social work… are in peace and communion with God.

At what age did you felt better? Why? Analyze it.

You can retrieve this attitude and feelings TODAY. Our age is mental and if you felt like a winner, that can conquer the world, well that is an attitude. And if you body was vital, you can get back and get it. In fact, you are already doing that.

If you are sick or have suffered a loss, do not fight against that, accept it, don´t resist to it, but look for life, pursue life, ask God for more life.

And deliver your learning to the rest. Give your life and receive joy and vitality in return.

Choose from these activities which most appeals to you and start exploring. While continuing to work at your formal employment which is “Exercise forever”.

What I would like to do?

Eat clean

Discover which foods are best for my body

Find exercise that I enjoy

Do meaningful work


Practice yoga


Lift weights


Learn to cook

Try healthy family-friendly recipes

Lose weight

Strengthen my relationships


Manage my time

Quit sugar

Go gluten-free

Go vegan


Join a healthy community


Explore new fitness trends

Launch a new business or creative endeavor

Entertain in my home


Boost energy

Live in a more eco-aware way

Make a difference to the people and world around me



“The World Adventure Race Championship Huairasinchi is extreme for the distances, but it is not dangerous. The situations are controlled, the organizers are professional. It is more dangerous to do nothing”. Santiago Mino, Captain Ecuador team, ranked #3 in the world.

Source: Rodale Wellness Journal; Younger Next Year.


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